Vote Boys’ Life in Adweek readers’ poll

Finally, a vote over which there is no debate. Well, in Scouting circles at least.

Boys’ Life, the magazine that covers everything in a boy’s life, is up for an Adweek Hot List Readers’ Choice Award.

And like any proper election, the power’s in your hands to decide the winner. But unlike the Nov. 4 election, this one lets you vote as often as you’d like.

Adweek is a well-known advertising trade publication, and it has selected BL as a finalist in the “Hottest Kids/Teen Magazine” category.

Go here and vote as many times as you want through Dec. 1. Let’s help propel BL to victory.



  1. Done! Not just because it’s Boys Life, but also because it really is the best on the list! As a Scout parent and Scouter I get as much out of reading BL as my son does!

    While I was there I threw a vote to Backpacker magazine as well, another very helpful magazine to this Scouter (and many others I bet).

  2. I know it helped my son on the trail to eagle . I’ll be keeping an eye on the results and voting as often as it takes to get Boys Life the win.

  3. Nat Geo Kid’s coming on strong. I’d vote for it ‘cept I think it’s superfluous. When I was a kid, I made a bee line the regular issue in the library. What’s good for the goose is good for the goslings! If the regular issue was also in the “kids/teen” category, BL would have lost my votes (at least a few of them).

    But BL never had an “for adults” issue. It’s not trying to pitch anything other than itself, and boy scouts and their sisters have respected it for being just that for decades.

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