‘Frozen’-inspired Scouts ask, ‘Do You Want to Buy Some Popcorn?’

Disney’s Frozen has made $1.3 billion worldwide, but can it help make a few more dollars for Scouting?

That’s what two brothers, one a Cub Scout and the other a Star Scout, are betting on.

They’ve made a parody of the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from the animated film. Their version: “Do You Want to Buy Some Popcorn?”

Watch the 53-second video below. It’s perfect.

Behind the story

Dan Bain, a den leader from North Carolina, sent me the video his two Scout sons, Matthew and Chris, worked on over the weekend.

“We put it on YouTube, and I shared it on my Facebook page, and it’s generated a couple of sales so far,” Dan says. “I always struggle with trying to sell via social media; I feel like I’m being too solicitous with my friends.”

Dan smartly put the link to buy popcorn online in the description section of the YouTube video. But now he’s asking for suggestions from the Scouting community about other ways to turn this great video into fundraising dollars for his sons’ pack and troop.

“It’s easy for me to reach other Scouters,” he says. “The challenge is sending other people to the link — and, of course, closing the sale. Do you have any thoughts?”

If so, please share them below. But first, watch this:

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