Did you know there are two editions of Boys’ Life each month?

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes Boys’ Life info you may not know: The magazine is available in two different versions.

Your Scout automatically gets the one that’s right for him or her, and it’s easy to tell which is which.

First, though: What are the versions?

The Cub Scout edition has content tailored to younger readers, including fun, age-appropriate puzzles, mazes, comics and games.

The Scout edition has high-adventure stories, merit badge tips and content better suited for older boys and girls.

There’s overlapping content, too, including select feature stories and popular sections like Scouts in Action, Think & Grin and Pedro’s Hitchin’ Rack.

Here’s some more stuff you might not know about the two editions:

Boys’ Life knows which one your Scout needs

Scouts automatically get the edition that’s right for them — no action is necessary on your part.

Boys’ Life knows the Scout’s current program based on his or her unit registration, and that info is used to make sure he or she gets the right version.

There’s an easy way to tell which one you’re looking at

UPDATE: Above you see the contents pages from the October 2019 issue.

You’ll probably spot quite a few differences, but pay particular attention to the sections in the middle of the page. See the illustration of a Cub Scout logo for the “Let’s Look At” feature? On the other page, you’ll see merit badges for the “Merit Badge Minute” feature.

Flip to the contents page and you’ll know which version you’re holding.

Why two versions?

This allows the magazine to tailor program-related content to the appropriate audience. Cub Scout content for Cub Scouts; Scout content for Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts and Exploring.

But Boys’ Life includes way more than just Scouting stories. The magazine covers everything boys and girls are interested in, all while upholding Scouting’s values.

Take movies for example.

Say there’s a movie Scouts are sure to love, but it’s rated PG-13. Boys’ Life would cover that movie in its Scout version but not its Cub Scout version. That same strategy applies to books, games and toys.

What’s next?

To see what’s coming up in the latest issue of Boys’ Life, or to check what has been featured in past editions, click here. The “Boys’ Life Preview” page inside Scouting magazine also lets you know what will be inside future issues.

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