Numbers game: How’d you pick your pack, troop or crew number?

Tuesday-TalkbackTake a wild guess what the number of my boyhood troop, Troop 1776, represents.

Yep, you got it.

Other Scout units have numbers with a special significance to them, too, but they aren’t always as easy to decipher.

That ends today. For this Tuesday Talkback, tell me: Does your pack, troop, post, ship or crew have a number with some special meaning to it?

Sound off in the comments section with your unit number and the way you selected it.

I’ll start by sharing the story behind Troop 316 in Saugus, Calif.

Last week’s post on Missouri Troop 501, in which Scouts are OK to wear jeans if they wish (get it? 501s?), inspired Troop 316 Scouter Robert Clark to share the story behind his troop’s number.

“Our troop fought hard to get this number at its inception in 1999,” he writes. “Why? We were founded as a Christian-based troop, and our troop number comes from John 3:16, our official troop Bible verse. We must be doing something right; our Eagle Scout rate is about 15 percent.”

Your turn

How’d you pick your unit number? Was it random, or is there a special meaning? Start the conversation below.

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