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2015 world jamboree logoOdds are 19 out of every 20 people you meet at the 2015 World Scout Jamboree will be from a country other than the United States.

How about those odds for making friends with Scouts from one of 161 different countries in attendance?

Next summer a few lucky Boy Scouts and Venturers will spend 12 days in Japan with more than 30,000 Scouts and leaders from across the globe.

I know what you’re thinking: Where do I sign up? Right here.

The Boy Scouts of America is expecting to send about 1,600 people to the 23rd World Jamboree, held in Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi, Japan from July 28 to Aug. 8, 2015.

I can guarantee it will be an amazing experience for those who attend as they make new friends, hear new languages and bring home a whole new worldview. (Read about my experiences at the 2011 World Jamboree here.)

You or a Scout or Venturer you know can be there next summer, either as a participant or as a member of staff (better known as the International Service Team).

You certainly have questions, like: How much does this cost? How do participants get to Japan? Who is eligible to attend?

Rather than answer here, let me point you to this handy FAQs page. The BSA’s International Team gets a ton of questions about the world jamboree every day, and most of those questions are answered right on that page.

H/T: Thanks to BSA International Director Janine Halverson and her amazing team of volunteers and professionals for making sure the BSA contingent will be well-represented in Japan.


  1. The one in 2015 is an International Jamboree NOT a National Jamboree like held at the Summit in 2013. Two completely different organizations involved in its operations. The 2019 World Jambo will be held at the Summit in West Virginia, but there will be another National Jambo for the BSA to work out the kinks before that one occurs.

  2. I looked at the FAQ page and found it curious that “Explorers are not a part of BSA” and was wondering when that happened and what they are a part of? Very curious… Fr. Bob

  3. I just find it Vile, Indictive, and Rude to hold the World Jamboree and the100th Anniversary of National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) at the same time. With the World Jamboree, starting July 28 – August 08, 2015 so here in America, I would expect our Contingent to leave about July 20, 2015. That way they are able to adjust to the time change and explore Japan.
    But during that time and for a lot less money, back home in these United States in Michigan, in fact if your Scout, or Scouter, has been selected to join the Order of the Arrow (OA) is Celebrating its 100th Anniversary, August 03,- 08 2015 NOAC
    So what do you do when you want to do both?!?!
    With the fact that the World Jamboree is coming to Sabatis, in 2019 I’m going to NOAC to be with my Brothers!!!
    I just want to see all of that place SOLD OUT!!!
    You see I’ve been before and this movement is exhilarating, and a lesson that no one will forget. I have Lodge Members who are still talking about their trip to NOAC and how it has influenced them.

    • Dude OA only exists in the USA and the world scout committee can’t change the dates just because one country has a another big scouting event at that time. NOAC should move if anything, NOT the Jamboree! Think outside the USA, 95% of the jambo attendees won’t even know what NOAC is. It’s not rude or vile at all.

  4. I spent 2 weeks last summer at the 16th Nippon Jamboree as the English announcer for the arena shows. Been to 8 Nippon Jamborees in my lifetime and enjoyed every one of them. The terrain is relatively flat. A few areas are prone to flooding after it rains. But most areas have good drainage. I didn’t encounter any mosquitoes but there are flies and other bugs. It was hot and humid. Very few tress and if there were any, they were still young and didn’t provide much shade. It is 20 minutes away from the Shin-Yamaguchi Bullet Train station.

    • I heard that there were many issues with the shakedown as there wasn’t much “flexibility” from some of the people in charge. Hopefully, they got the kinks worked out but there will always be issues that those in charge & supporting the Jambo will have to deal with.

  5. Todd, which event should change their dates then? The INTERNATIONAL one that started its organising 9 years ago? Or the NATIONAL one that’s only recently started its organising? Are you suggesting that ALL scouting organisations throughout the world check with every other scouting organisation in the world to make sure that no event clashes with another one??? I’m sure the World Scouting Association will be glad to have you do this for them – I’ve passed them your name as a willing volunteer.
    “vile, indictive, and rude” – Seriously??? I’m sure you’re not an idiot in real life, so don’t behave like one here.

  6. The base cost is $5,750. That does not include the extras (most Scouts attending will probably be buying new uniform shirts, extra patches, not to mention snacks, souvenirs, and the like). What percentage of current membership do you think can afford that? And yes, scheduling NOAC (the Centennial NOAC where you can get a once-in-a-lifetime special sash) at the same time will skim off some potential attendees. If 1,600 Scouts attend then that’s 32 per state. Unlike BSA Jamborees, the World age restrictions mean that Scouts can only attend once as youth. It’s the most expensive Scout event by far – 3 times the cost of the 2013 Jamboree, and ten times the estimated cost for our youth to attend NOAC. I wonder how many Scouts from China will attend. China must have a well-developed Scouting program since they manufacture virtually all of our Scouting uniforms, supplies , and equipment.

    • It does make you wonder if National intends to make a profit on the fee. AFAIK, leaders pay the same amount.

      If a Scout can afford it I think Japan will be an awesome experience.

  7. Hi all across the Pond,

    Some of you on hear go on about the cost. Well here in the UK it is costing about the same.But the difference is that most of are young people going to Japan next year were selected around last Christmas. So have 18 months to fund raise as individuals are with the unit that they will be attending Jamboree with. Car boot sales (yard sales as you know it) car washing and Curry and Quiz nights to mention a few. This not only helps them to raise the money but all build team work with unit they will attending the jamboree with. More importantly it helps them appreciate the cost and what a privilege it is to attend.

    As for the cost this is set in part by the World Scout Association (Jamboree camp fees) and part of this cost is set aside to help less well off country’s attend.

    As a leader i will be attending as IST so am looking forward to meeting some of you next year.

  8. Todd – As someone else posted, the World Jamboree is planned and dates set nearly a decade in advance. For events like NOAC there’s a small window in which the National OA Committee can utilize a campus like Michigan State. Conflicts are going to occur and there’s no way to easily deconflict them. That’s life. It happens.

  9. WOW! $5750 for participants and $2000 for volunteers (volunteers pay their own airfare too boot). That’s some serious dough. Why does it cost 2.5 x our National Jamboree? Is food so much more expensive? I understand air tickets are about $1300 to Japan, but that’s a serious markup!

  10. Several things;
    I am a member of both BSA and SAJ, and am on the world jamboree core staff. This jamboree , like all world jamborees is organized and run by WOSM, the world scouting organization. 75% of the scouts ans staff will not be from Japan, so English will be the language used most.The comment about poor organization could not be referring to the jamboree in Sweden, as that was an awesome jamboree.I was a troop scoutmaster at that jamboree and I feel it was very well organized and run. As to cost, the prices for the jamboree are based upon a country’s GNP. This is a fair way to make the jamboree affordable for scouts from all countries. As a volunteer, my cost is nearly the same as American volunteers, even though I live there.The tickets cost more than $1300 unless you are west coast. Japan is a very beautiful country. There is a great deal to see and I would guess that the additional cost will include some touring. Homestay opportunities are available for scouts. The food in Japan runs the full range from traditional food to hamburgers.
    BSA is very late in recruiting. Most countries have already registered the scouts and leaders who are attending. Strange!
    A world jamboree is the ultimate scouting experience. My scouts came home from Sweden with hundreds of new friends and lifetime memories.
    In 1871 over 7,000 US scouts attended the World Jamboree at Asagiri Kogen, at the base of Mount Fuji. There were more Americans there than any other group. It was called the American Jamboree in Japan! A good showing would be good for BSA.

  11. One more thing. Hong Kong and Macao have their own scout organizations. Taiwan has its own organization called Scouts of China. Mainland China has just stared allowing scouting in the city of Shanghai, so they are very new to the scouting movement. there may or may not be scouts from China. There are usually a lot of scouts from Hong Kong. They are very big patch traders. Each scout shows up with hundreds of trading patches. US scouts show up with twenty or thirty contingent patches. BSA makes money on the patches so the scouts have very few to trade. A patch costs 50 to 70 cents per patch, yet most BSA councils sell them to the scouts for several dollars each. I gave each of my scouts 40 patches and ten ghosts per scout as part of the fees they paid(at cost).

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