How did the Eagle Scout do in ‘The Amazing Race’ finale?

Talk about great odds. Eagle Scout Connor O’Leary and his dad, Dave, had a one in three shot at winning $1 million in last night’s season finale of The Amazing Race.

Appropriate to any discussion about odds, the 35,000-mile race around the world ended in Las Vegas.

As I mentioned last week, Connor, 22, earned the Eagle Scout Award in 2005 as a member of the Great Salt Lake Council. But could he and his dad become the first parent-child team to earn the title of The Amazing Race champions?

Find out after the jump. Spoilers, of course, follow.


They did it! Connor and his dad were the first to cross the finish line at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in last night’s episode. The finish was suspenseful as we saw an unknown skydiver falling into the racetrack but didn’t know which racer it was until a few agonizing minutes later.

Turns out Dave touched down first, and he and his Eagle Scout son crossed the finish line as champions.

Even viewers who aren’t connected to Scouting had to be rooting for these two. They raced hard but never compromising their values — values Connor learned in Scouting. That kind of character’s pretty rare in reality television these days, especially when money’s at stake.

Congrats to Connor and his dad for representing Scouting well.

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