Everything you need to know about merit badge sashes

A merit badge sash is like a trophy case you can wear.

Each tiny circle represents one of the 137 interest areas a Scout has conquered.

But what restrictions are placed on merit badge sashes? In what order should they be sewn on? Is there a minimum or maximum number of merit badges a Scout may wear on a sash? Can a Scout with a ton of merit badges wear two sashes? What about wearing a sash folded over a belt? And can anyone help Mom or Dad sew these things on?

I’ve got the answers — well, to all but that last question.

Where to put merit badges

You have two options for where to sew merit badges.

  • Right sleeve: The first, far less common option, is to sew up to six merit badges onto the right sleeve of a long-sleeved uniform shirt. Long-sleeved uniforms aren’t seen very often these days, but if Scouts own one, they may put up to six patches, in rows of two, above their right cuff (see below). Long-sleeved uniforms were much more common in past generations.
  • Merit badge sash: Most Scouts will choose this option. The Guide to Awards and Insignia says you’re limited to a “maximum of three per row as shown, no limit.” You couldn’t fit more than three in a row anyway. As for the badges’ order on the sash, there’s nothing specified. Most Scouts will simply add them as they earn them. Others like to separate the Eagle-required ones (those with a silver border) in some way.


No minimum number

Scouts aren’t limited to wearing a minimum number of badges on their sash. So right when Scouts earn that first merit badge or three, go ahead and get them a sash so they can show off those new “trophies.”

Only one merit badge sash

Some Scouts earn way more merit badges than the 21 required for Eagle. A handful even earn every available merit badge.

While you may come across a Scout wearing two merit badge sashes in a criss-cross pattern, that’s not permitted. That rule is straight from the Guide to Awards and Insignia: “Scouts may wear only one merit badge sash at a time.”

Essentially, there’s no official maximum number of merit badges Scouts may wear, unless they have more merit badges than will fit three across on the front and back of the sash.

Where to wear the sash (and where not to)

There’s only one right place for a merit badge sash: over the right shoulder. It can be worn over or under the epaulet (shoulder loop).

And keep in mind “a merit badge sash is never worn on the belt,” according to the Guide.

Who may wear the sash

Merit badge sashes are worn only by Scouts and Venturers who are earning Scout advancement.

Miscellaneous patches

Patches that aren’t merit badges, including camporee or event patches, may be worn on the sash, but only on the back.

Merit badge sash and OA sash

This one’s pretty clear: “The merit badge sash and the Order of the Arrow sash may not be worn at the same time.”

For more on when to wear your Order of the Arrow sash, read this.

The Guide to Awards and Insignia

This information and more is available in the guide.

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