Eight ways to avoid summer hibernation in your Cub Scout pack

Family vacation, tons of free time and absolutely no homework.

The very conditions that make summer a Cub Scout-age boy’s favorite season can wreak havoc on a Cub Scout pack. Some packs, frustrated with the difficulty of aligning family schedules in June, July and August, simply give up and take summers off.

Bad idea, say experienced Cub Scouters like A.J. Vasta: “Why is ‘hibernating’ still even an option?” he asks. “So many lost members when everyone finally gets back together.”

If you’re smart and plan ahead, you can avoid the unnecessary hibernation that causes your pack to lose momentum.

Consider these eight ways to stay active all summer, submitted by your fellow Cub Scouters on Facebook

  1. “We follow the plan for the Summertime Award — try to have at least one activity in each month of summer.” — Ann O.
  2. “Our pack has one pack activity during each month, including day camp in June, a pack overnight campout in July, and a fishing derby in August! The den meetings start back up after school starts in September!” — Kim C.
  3. Annual planning goes a long way. There is so much to do that may be out of reach during Fall/Winter.” — Bryan M.
  4. “Try to hold two events each month so all Cubs have an opportunity to earn the Summertime Pack Award, just in case they could not make one of the events. Remember, families still go on family vacations this time of year.” — Ken M.
  5. Full meetings aren’t necessary, but by simply having a few get togethers a month (bike, hike, free movies in the park, etc.) the pack stays active, earns the summertime award, the boys have fun, and the Scouts come back in the fall. There’s a higher drop rate in the hibernating packs than in the active packs.” — Damon E. 
  6. “Oh and don’t forget everyone can bring a friend. All activities are recruitment opportunities.” — Anthony K.
  7. Summer is designed for Cubs. Week at day camp, week at overnight camp, overnight at a minor league game, hikes and bike rides. Want to keep the Cubs up late? No problem since they don’t have school in the morning.” — John B.
  8. “We try to do a few field trips during the summer to mix things up. This summer we went to day camp and toured our local Air Force base, police station and a steakhouse. The boys loved it! We plan ahead to make sure we have enough leaders and drivers for each trip. They’re all local and free, so there is no burden on the families.” — Conny L.

Your turn

What does your pack or den do to keep active all summer? Leave your thought below.

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