Keeping an eye on the fires near Philmont Scout Ranch

When summertime fires break out in northern New Mexico or southern Colorado, there’s understandable concern within the Scouting community about Philmont Scout Ranch, located in northeastern New Mexico.

First, the good news: There are no fires on Philmont property or on areas hiked by crews at Philmont.

But the 1,300-acre Whites Peak Fire is burning about 3 miles south of Philmont’s southern property line. As of Sunday, the fire was about 10 percent contained, so Philmont has relocated staff in the southern part of the property and has rerouted crews scheduled to hike in that area.

Philmont also has its eye on four other fires located 100 to 400 miles from the property. You can keep track of all five fires and what they might mean for your crew headed to New Mexico this summer at the Philmont Fire Information page, updated regularly.

But know this: Philmont staffers train for this type of emergency, so your trek won’t be in any danger.

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