Who’s your one-stop shopping spot for healthy living?

One study says chocolate is good for you, while another swears it’ll kill you.

When it comes to information about nutrition and health, cutting through the fat to get to the good stuff online isn’t easy.

Enter the BSA’s new SCOUTStrong site. The news aggregator collects Scout-approved, health-related news articles, podcasts, and videos in one spot for easy viewing. The goal: making Scouts and Scouters physically strong, mentally awake, and completely prepared for the jamboree and other BSA adventures ahead.

After spending a few minutes on the site, any adult — leader, volunteer, parent — should feel empowered to pass on the lessons learned to their Scouts. 

Under the “Mentally Awake” section, for example, you’ll find sections on controlling stress, understanding Scouts with Autism and ADHD, and overcoming life’s biggest challenges.

The “Physically Strong” and “Jamboree Prep” sections have the expected exercise and healthy eating tips — along with some unexpected surprises.

The curated news section is the latest addition to the SCOUTStrong Web presence. In October, I told you about the SCOUTStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge, which rewards anyone in Scouting for being physically active in their unit and their daily lives.

Together, the sites provide a one-two punch for fighting obesity and staying fit for all the Scouting fun to come.

Questions about SCOUTStrong?

Have questions or comments about the SCOUTStrong program? Send a note to ScoutStrong.Admin@scouting.org for answers.

What do you think?

How do you promote exercise and healthy eating habits in your pack, troop, team, crew, ship, post, or team? Leave your thoughts below.

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