Open for debate: To snack or not to snack at den or pack meetings

Here’s a question to chew on: Should you serve snacks at den meetings? Why or why not?

And if you do, what is served?

I posed that question to our Facebook friends and got an array of answers.

Read a few of my favorites below, and then sound off with your own thoughts on the subject.

Munch on

  • “When I was a Den Leader, my Scouts decorated a bucket to hold the treats. Each week, treats were assigned to a different Scout, who was to bring a healthy snack and drink. The Scouts loved it, and it gave them the opportunity to work with their parents to discuss healthy snacks and drinks. We always had snack after our meeting; it was the reward for a job well done during our meetings.” — Shelly R.
  • “We have our snack at the end since most just had dinner and it doesn’t distract from our meeting goals. We have a parent and son team responsible for each month. We try to pick healthier options. Examples include apples, popcorn, etc.” — Tamara C.
  • “We’ve used [snack time] to talk about healthy eating, water safety, fair trade, and charities. Biggest problem is having a few gluten/allergies kids means it’s tricky to make sure it’s fair.” — Joanna B.
  • “Their minds are focused better when their tummies aren’t growling! Usually something simple and quick — a slice of cheddar rolled in ham, peanut butter and Ritz crackers, a cheese stick, trail mix, etc. Little effort with big results.” — Corina M.
  • “If we have snacks it’s normally rolled into another activity such as building with marshmallows.” — B.A. A.

Munch off

  • “I don’t do snacks. We only have an hour and 15 minutes — they can survive without food for that long. If we break for snack, it’s too hard to end snack time and get them back in the swing of the activity.” — Dana L.
  • “Our intent was to have the kids back home an hour before their usual bedtime, so parents could handle the snack. Too many kids with allergies, so we kept any food events to special occasions only.” — Letitia F.
  • “I am so glad our Den Leader doesn’t do snacks. I think it makes it much more work for everyone. There’s way too much to do at the meetings, and it’s just way too much added work to incorporate a snack.” — Christy B.
  • “We did away with snack time last year. No matter what it was, there was always a mess. … If we do longer meetings — like our race days, or when we do park clean-up — we’ll provide drinks and granola bars or graham crackers.” — Denise B.
  • “I found that meetings ran more smoothly without snacks.” — Jennifer R.

OK, you’ve heard arguments by both sides. Now it’s your turn: What is your den’s approach to snacks? Leave a comment below.

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