Support Scouting and American troops with popcorn sales

Trail's End Popcorn Sales Military Donation

Popcorn sales help fund Scouting activities, but this salty treat can also bring cheer to service men and women overseas.

Popcorn buyers can do both—support the troops and Scouting—by participating in a Trail’s End military donation. This service act can be completed in two ways:

When Scouts sell popcorn, simply ask buyers if they wish to purchase one box of popcorn for themselves and an additional box to be sent to the American troops overseas. This donation is noted on the order form, and later reported by the council to Trail’s End.

Or, for online ordering, Scouts can recommend that buyers visit and select “Military Donation.” Here, generous supporters can choose either a $35 or $55 donation to the troops. Seventy percent of this purchase goes back to the Scout or council noted by the individual during the online transaction.

The New York-based Allegheny Highlands Council has made this military donation program a part of its popcorn sales for five years now, donating more than $26 million worth of popcorn to the troops. With the sales, notes Council Executive John Wojciechowicz, people “will know they’re benefiting two great institutions in one generous act.”


  1. Supporting the US military is a political position and one that has flipped me from a SUPER supporter of the BSA to a person who now hopes the BSA goes away. The US military is a corrupt criminal organization that has started over 80% of the world’s wars since WWII and it is a HUGE mistake for the BSA to be linked to it in any way.

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