Read all about it: PhilNews now available for those of us not on Philmont staff

Is no news always good news? Not when it comes to Philmont.

That’s why I was excited to learn this week that PhilNews, the official staff newspaper of Philmont Scout Ranch, posts all of its issues online.

In fact, they’ve been doing so since summer 2009.

Each Thursday afternoon through August, you can go here to read exactly what Philmont’s 1,000 staff members read. The weekly newsletter highlights events taking place throughout Philmont Scout Ranch, and it provides a vital link to the outside world for Philmont’s backcountry staff.

The PhilNews staff, mostly 18- to 24-year-olds, are seasonal summer employees. You’ll find their names on Page 2 of the newsletter.

Their (highly enviable) job? Scouring Philmont for interesting news. And with a beat that spans nearly 140,000 acres, you can bet there are plenty of great stories waiting to be told.

Check it out today and every Thursday!

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