What’s your favorite campfire story to tell Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts?

One of my favorite memories from Boy Scout camp-outs was gathering around the fire and listening to the assistant Scoutmasters tell campfire stories.

I loved movies and books growing up, but there was something about those live stories that was more compelling than the printed word or images on a screen.

Some of the stories were funny, others scary, but they all held my interest like nothing else.

Campfire stories have been around as long as the BSA itself. The great Norman Rockwell immortalized “The Campfire Story” in his 1936 painting seen at left, and generations of Scouters have used the stories as campfire entertainment.

So they’re an important part of the BSA, we know that. The trouble is finding great stories to tell.

That’s where you come in, Scouters. Click the “Comment” button at the bottom of this post and share your favorite campfire story. Or post a link to a good resource for these tales.

Remember that the stories should be appropriate for Scouts, and the best ones are long enough to matter but not so long that they’ll lose a boy’s interest.

OK, the fire is lit, and the Scouts have gathered in a circle. The stage is yours.

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