Position-Specific Training for Cub Scout leaders now on MyScouting.org



Just in time for the start of the program year, Position-Specific Training is now available for Cub Scout leaders. The training courses have been updated to reflect the new Cub Scout delivery method, which Scouting magazine introduced to you in our May-June issue.

Just go to MyScouting.org, log in, and click on "E-Learning" on the left navigation bar.

From there, under the Cub Scout tab you'll find these new courses:

  • Tiger Cub position-specific
  • Wolf Cub position-specific
  • Bear Cub position-specific
  • Webelos position-specific
  • Cubmaster position-specific
  • Pack Trainer position-specific
  • Pack Committee position-specific

Take the online courses soon to make sure you're fully prepared to lead your den or pack this fall.


  1. David, in order to be a fully-trained leader for your Cub Scout position, you need to take four courses, either online or in a live course:
    Youth Protection
    This Is Scouting (or the old NLE, if you are a veteran)
    Fast Start (for your position) and
    Leader Specific Training for your position

  2. The training courses are good. However for people taking the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos courses to more fully understand the program (such as wanting to be the best PACK TRAINER ever), there is no provision for “skipping through” the introductions that are identical. I think I answered the question “Must all Cub Scout Money Raising Activities be Approved by the Council?” about … oh … SEVEN TIMES. Yeah.

  3. Im learning about information on being a new new bear scout leader for my sons den, i i have have been out of scouting since the 70s and any help is apprieated. Rick Eubank

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