Bookmark this great collection of merit badge resources


With 126 merit badges out there (including four for 2010 only), Scouting offers something for every boy in your troop.

But when a Scout comes up to you with dreams of Drafting or visions of Veterinary Medicine, how would you respond?

Don't worry; there's help available. Just visit's merit badge page and click on the badge in question. Not only will you be shown the latest requirements for the badge, you'll also see a list of helpful resources for learning more about the topic.

For a good example, check out the Entrepreneurship merit badge site. You'll see relevant books (such as How to Be a Teenage Millionaire) and Web sites like, which teaches kids lessons in business.

The site is updated regularly—Scuba Diving is already there—and there's even an introductory guide for merit badge counselors.

Bookmark the site today, so the next time a Scout wants to know everything he can about Pulp and Paper, you'll be ready.

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