Adventure Base 100, Vol. 9: Houston, Texas

Meet Jacob Pekarek, an Eagle Scout with Troop 727. He's your host for last week's Adventure Base 100 stop in Houston, Tex.

For his Eagle Scout project, Jacob took on an ambitious task: labeling 500 storm drains throughout the city with special discs to inform residents that storm water drains into Galveston Bay. The intent is to discourage dumping of trash and other harmful products into this estuary that is important for sustaining marine life.

Houston officials said that Jacob and the 12 other Scouts who worked with him on the project did in one day what would've taken city volunteers a month to complete.

It's a project that will have a long-lasting impact on the nation's fourth-largest city. Well done!

Next stop: Jacksonville, Fla., March 19-21.

On deck: Miami, Fla., March 25-29.

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