Two Dallas-area Boy Scouts get Heroism Award

Heroism-award You tell your Scouts to "Be Prepared" for anything, but would they know what to do when a model rocket flies off course and into the chest of one of their peers? 

Josh Raynes and Chris Rogers did.

For their actions in saving the life of 16-year-old Connor McNeil, the boys received the Heroism Award (left) in a ceremony yesterday.

To read how their actions saved the day, click here.

The Heroism Award, first given out in 1923, is awarded to youth or adults who use Scouting skills to attempt to save someone's life with little or no risk to themselves. Only about 3,000 have been awarded in the medal's history.

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  1. After reading the news article I checked out the comments posted by other readers and as usual some readers with an axe to grind against the BSA left remarks. I was wondering if Scouting Magazine wouldn’t publish an article concerning some of the legal matters that the orgainziation faces across the nation. I think it might be beneficial for Scouting leaders to be prepared for such comments by perspective families and to know where the BSA stands on current issues.

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