Five Days of Patches, Day 4: Win a Free Book!


Here's the fourth patch. Do you have all four so far?

day this week, we're giving you one mystery patch. Your job is to identify
the patch. On Friday, send us an e-mail with the answers. Whoever
gets the most correct will win a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching, Second Edition." If we have several people who get all five correct, we'll draw for the winner. Good luck!


  1. This patch is for the Senior Degree Honor Society. This was a honor society for scouts, established in several councils in the east. The National Office gave its nod to the group, and it was listed in scouting manuals in the 1930s.
    Information on the group can be found at 2 sites: David Eby’s Honor Society site here:
    And my site on the BSA’s Senior Scouting programs found here:

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