Name That Council: September 4, 2009 solution

Taken separately, the hodgepodge of regional items on
Friday’s Name That Council patch doesn’t mean a whole lot. There’s a menacing
alligator on one side, and a flock of birds on the other—nothing out of the

But consider all of these clues together, and you might have
come up with the missing council. Follow the jump to check your work.

UPDATE (7:50 a.m. 09/08/09): Congrats to Walter Underwood of the Pacific Skyline Council for being the first with the correct response. And a tip of our hat to Timothy Galata and John Norkus for also chiming in with the right answer.


It’s the Evangeline Area Council, which has its
headquarters in the southern Louisiana town of Lafayette. Evangeline is one of
six councils in the state. And how’s this for local flavor: One of the
council’s camps, Mt. Bayou Lake Scout Camp, serves up some fine Cajun food to
boys and leaders each summer.

Love alligators and Cajun food? Be sure to log on to Cracker
Barrel on Wednesday for a special What a Weekend that will help satiate your

And be sure to check back on Friday for another serving of
Name That Council.

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