Knot of the Week: Scouter’s Key


When walking along a trail at your favorite national park,
brown trail signs mark your progress every few miles. These signs serve as a
helpful reminder that you’re on the right track as you move toward your goal.

As a Scouting volunteer, the Scouter’s Key serves a similar purpose. Volunteers who earn the Key
have made great progress toward becoming effective and trained leaders.

The green-and-white Key represents awards given to a variety
of positions. Scouters who volunteer as a Scoutmaster, commissioner, district committee
member, skipper, or Venturing advisor are eligible to receive the award after
three years of service.

In addition to the tenure requirement, award applicants must

  • Fast Start Training
  • This Is Scouting
  • Specific training for their position
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Leaders also must conduct unit leader training at least
three times and participate in a supplemental training course at the council or
national level.

For details, here’s the link for the Scoutmaster’s Key
progress record (link opens PDF)
. Requirements for other Keys are similar.

Best of luck as you continue down your leadership trail.

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