Knot of the Week: Silver World Award


Sorry to tell you this, but you probably can’t earn this
week’s Knot of the Week. That’s because the Silver World Award is only available to Scouters who are not
registered members of the BSA.

So why is it this week’s featured knot? Because it represents the BSA’s
commitment to Scouting worldwide.

The BSA presents the award, created in 1971, to honor world
citizens who serve youth in countries other than the United States. That means
that a recipient could be a U.S. citizen, but he or she must be serving another
country’s Scouting program.

The award’s requirements also state that recipients must be
residents of countries whose Scout associations are members of the World Scout
. That group is an alliance of Scout organizations around the world.
Its members meet every three years, with the next conference schedule for
Brazil in 2011.

You probably won’t see this rare knot often in the United
States. But if you do, ask about it—its wearer is sure to have interesting stories
to tell.

Chime In: What
experience, if any, have you had with international Scouting? How might the BSA
increase its cooperation with worldwide Scouting? Let us know in the comment
box below.

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