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If you’re like us, reading Scouting magazine’s exclusive excerpts from Alvin Townley’s Spirit of Adventure helped increase your appetite for more great stories about Eagle Scouts. 

So, in search of additional inspiring and exciting stories, you
picked up a copy of the book (pictured at left) at most major booksellers or

Ready for even more? Well, check out Townley’s travel
 for a chance to hear the Eagle Scout author share his
stories in person. Townley appears in Baltimore, Md., on Thursday. Then, in the
coming months, he’ll stop in New Mexico, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina,
and Illinois—talk about a whirlwind tour!

If you aren’t able to see him in person, don’t worry. His
book will help take you away no matter where you are. That’s because Spirit of Adventure is a formula for success. Mix great writing
with fascinating individuals, and you’ve got a book that’s a quick
and exhilarating read.

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