Knot of the Week: Whitney M. Young Jr. Award


Who should have access to opportunities like Scouting?
Whitney Young knew the answer to that question: everyone.

The famed Civil Rights leader once said: “Every man is our
brother, and every man’s burden is our own. Where poverty exists, all are
poorer.” To honor his legacy, Young’s name graces a prestigious—and selective—square

As a recognition for people who help spread the Scouting
program to youth from rural and low-income backgrounds, the Whitney M. Young Jr. Award is available
to volunteers of any race, income, or level in the Scouting program.

Simply submit the name of a worthy colleague to your local
council. The council will forward the candidates to the national office for
approval. You can’t nominate yourself.

After a screening and review process that can take up to 60
days, recipients get a plaque featuring Young’s image—and the knot. It’s a red,
white, and black square knot like the one shown above.

Click here and get an application form, as well
as more information on the requirements and criteria the selection committee
uses to choose worthy Scouters.

Do your part to honor Young’s legacy by helping a deserving
Scouter gets his due.

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