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Time running out to earn Computers merit badge

Jonathan Ive, who designed the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, was born the same year the BSA introduced Computers merit badge.

That should give you some idea just how old Computers merit badge is and just how much has changed in the world of technology since then. Thanks in part to Ive, computers have shrunk from the size of copy machines to the size of a deck of cards. Inputting commands has evolved from complex keystrokes to simple taps on a screen.

That evolution is why the BSA is replacing the outdated Computers merit badge with a newer model: Digital Technology merit badge, which debuted in April 2014.

Here are some details about the discontinuation of Computers, presented in bullet-point form and typed using a standard keyboard:

Same thing with the merit badge itself. When 2014 ends, a Scout’s chance to earn this merit badge will go the way of the CRT monitor. But the good news is Digital Technology MB is an even better model, with features every Scout will love.

Photo from Flickr:  Some rights reserved by luc legay