Report to the Nation, through the years

A president’s busy schedule means he can’t always receive the Boy Scouts of America’s annual Report to the Nation himself.

But over the years, the BSA’s scheduled Washington visit and the commander in chief’s travel schedule have aligned.

Below I’ve gathered photos of presidents receiving the report. There may be more out there (if so, let me know!), but these were the ones I could find by digging through the BSA, Scouting magazine and White House archives.

You’ll see Obama, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman and Roosevelt getting their hand-delivered copies of the report. Continue reading


Friends in high places: Scouts deliver Report to the Nation to top party leaders

You’ve met the delegates, and you’ve read the Report to the Nation for yourself.

Now see which of the top power players in Washington got a copy of the report hand-delivered to them this week.

As I mentioned on Monday, a delegation of nine of Scouting’s finest Scouts and Venturers are in Washington, D.C., to deliver the Report to the Nation. It’s basically a summary of another great year for Scouts and Scouters in the BSA.

The Boy Scouts of America has since 1916 held a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United States Code. As part of fulfilling the obligations of that charter, the organization hand-picks Scouts and Venturers to visit our nation’s capitol and deliver a recap of Scouting’s previous year.

It’s a great way to remind Washington leaders that Scouts do meaningful work in their constituencies and that Scouting is preparing young people for a character-filled life.

The BSA has no political affiliation, so delegates make sure leaders from both major political parties get copies of the official report. What a great opportunity for these delegates to see firsthand the inner workings of our government. And what a great opportunity for our government leaders to meet some outstanding Scouts! 

Find a small sampling of some of the politicians these Scouts met after the jump. Then check out the BSA’s Flickr page for more great Report to the Nation photos.  Continue reading


See inside the 2013 Report to the Nation

The Boy Scouts of America is a 3.6-million-strong, outdoor-ready, community-serving, patriotism-preserving, values-validating force for good. And we’re just getting started.

But wait. I’m preaching to the choir here.

The real people who need to know about the BSA and our 6 million nights of camping, 56,841 Eagle Scouts and 17 million hours of community service last year are the ones who don’t don a uniform each week.

That’s why a group of nine outstanding BSA representatives have descended upon Washington, D.C., this week to deliver the 2013 Report to the Nation. Think of it as the CliffsNotes version of the past year in Scouting.

The idea is to make it easy for politicians, CEOs and members of non-Scouting families to see that Scouting continues to create “conscientious, responsible and productive citizens” — as the last line of the report puts it.

First I’ll point out my favorite parts of the Report to the Nation, and then I’ll share the full report so you can pick out your own highlights. It’s all after the jump. Continue reading


These 9 awesome young people are your Report to the Nation representatives

An Eagle Scout from Maryland, the young woman serving as National Venturing President and a Cub Scout from Sandy Hook, Conn., are among the nine young people selected to represent the Boy Scouts of America during this week’s Report to the Nation in Washington, D.C.

The Scouts (accompanied by a support team of adults) will tour D.C., visit monuments and smile for countless photos with powerful politicians. But their primary duty in our nation’s capital is to present the 2013 Annual Report to key members of Congress from both parties. They plan to hand-deliver the report to the top Republican and Democrat in the House — John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi — as well as the top Democrat and Republican in the Senate — Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.

The report itself, which I’ll share with you later this week, essentially gives outsiders a recap of the past year in Scouting. For example, it reveals that in 2013, Scouts had more than 17 million hours of service in their communities at a value of more than $377 million.

The nine youth delegates are profiled in full below. They represent a nice cross-section of Scouting and come from a mix of programs, regions and ethnic backgrounds.

How are the delegates chosen?

Each fall, local councils are asked to nominate a Scout or Venturer to be considered. The National Council then sends these names to a committee that reviews all nominations. Five or six young people are hand-picked to be a representative group of all programs from all four regions of the country. Care is taken to ensure the ethnic diversity of Scouting is showcased.

Three more delegates get “automatic” selections: the National Sea Scout Boatswain, the National Order of the Arrow Chief and the National Venturing President. Serving as a member of the Report to the Nation delegation is one perk of office. They’ve earned it.

Follow the jump to meet each of these outstanding youngsters. Continue reading

Report to the Nation delegates deliver report to Nancy Pelosi.

Report to the Nation delegates deliver good news to Washington

Finally, something everyone in our nation’s capital can agree on: The Boy Scouts of America prepare youth for life.

That’s why the BSA sends a delegation of Scouts from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and Scouting programs to Washington each year to deliver the Report to the Nation. It’s a reminder to everyone that the Boy Scouts, established by congressional charter in 1916, still have a profound affect on our nation.

The report itself is a by-the-numbers look back at 2012 for the BSA. Highlights include 2.6 million youth members served, more than 13.4 million hours of service performed, and a record 57,976 Eagle Scout badges awarded.

Read on to meet this year’s delegates, read the report, and see photos of the Scouts’ tour of Washington.  Continue reading


In Washington, Report to the Nation delegates hit the ground running

How are the 2011 Report to the Nation delegates adjusting to the fast-paced environment of Washington, D.C.?

Just fine. But what would you expect with a group of Scouts?

The group’s whirlwind visit to our nation’s capital started Saturday with an exclusive tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  John Rehm, the Order of the Arrow national chief, says he was “amazed at this opportunity.”

“We had a chance to learn about how space shuttles are made and the dedication that goes into making them,” he said in an e-mail to me. “I feel so honored to be with the best of the best that Scouting has to offer.” Continue reading


BSA’s 2011 Report to the Nation recaps a great year of Scouting

What have Scouts been up to for the past year?

Tons. But instead of merely telling you, why don’t I show you?

The Boy Scouts of America released its 2011 Report to the Nation today, showing the outside world what Scouts accomplished last year.

A delegation of nine young people from across the country will visit Washington, D.C., beginning tomorrow to embark on a whirlwind tour. They’ll take part in visits with top government officials, a service project benefitting the National Cathedral, and exclusive tours of the Pentagon, White House, CIA building, and Supreme Court.

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