Two Connecticut shooting victims were Tiger Cubs; here’s how to help

It breaks my heart to report that the horrendous school shooting in Connecticut has hit the Scouting family.

The Boy Scouts of America learned that two of the victims, 7-year-old Chase Kowalski and 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler, were new Tiger Cub Scouts with Pack 170 in the Connecticut Yankee Council.

Three other families in Pack 170 lost children at the school, and Tiger Cub Den Leader Peter Baressi was a first responder hero who stayed with the families throughout the ordeal.

Victoria Soto, one of the heroic teachers who was killed, was an Explorer as a youth in Stratford EMS Post 4911.

When you live several states away from those in pain, it’s easy to feel helpless. In addition to keeping the families in your thoughts and prayers, I’ve learned of an opportunity to send cards, letters and donations to those in mourning.

The Pack 170 leadership has asked Connecticut Yankee Council to set up a Memorial Fund to support the five families. Donations can be made out to “Pack 170 Memorial Fund” c/o Connecticut Yankee Council, P.O. Box 32, Milford, CT 06461.

Your family or your Scout unit may wish to send condolence cards and letters. Those can also be addressed to “Pack 170″ c/o the Connecticut Yankee Council, P.O. Box 32, Milford, CT 06461.

After the jump, a letter from Wayne Brock. 

Letter from Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive

To: National Board, Advisory Council, and our BSA family:

We are all struggling to come to grips with the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. I have the sad responsibility to report that this tragedy has also struck within the Scouting family.

We’ve been informed two of the young victims, 7-year-old Chase Kowalski and 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler, were new Tiger Cub Scouts with Pack 170 in the Connecticut Yankee Council. In addition, three of the victims were siblings of other boys in Pack 170. Victoria Soto, one of the hero teachers, was an Explorer as a youth.

Please join me in remembering these victims and families in your prayers.

We have been in touch with council leadership. The National Council is offering any support possible during this difficult time.

Working with the leadership of Pack 170, the Connecticut Yankee Council has established a memorial fund in support of the five families. If interested, donations, cards, and letters can be sent to the Pack 170 Memorial Fund, c/o Connecticut Yankee Council, P.O. Box 32, Milford, CT 06460

God bless everyone as we take a step back and think about the safety and well-being of our own families and loved ones in the midst of this national time of mourning.

Wayne Brock

97 thoughts on “Two Connecticut shooting victims were Tiger Cubs; here’s how to help

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and with all of Newtown as they try to come to grips with this horrific loss and move forward in a positive light.
    God Bless!
    Bear Den 7, Pack 95

  2. I am a Canadian Scout leader who works with the 5-7 years olds in our movement. My heart breaks everytime I read, see or hear something about these wonderful children and their courageous teachers. Every school I have passed has their Canadian flag at half-staff to honour each of them. (I am a school bus driver, too.) May God comfort you and help you day to day from now until you see them again.

  3. From Troop and Pack 357-We are ALL Pack 170 today. And we need to Do our Best to honor these boys, their parents, leaders and their teachers. God bless them all.

  4. Reblogged this on Algonquin District and commented:
    Read through the comments – both boys are under consideration for the Spirit of the Eagle award and Teacher Victoria Soto for the Lifesaving Honor with Crossed Palms, for her bravery in misdirecting the gunman away from her classroom.

  5. Our heartfelt condolences for the families of the newest scouts just starting the trail to Eagle. The whole world, not just America, shares your pain. Please find solance in knowing that you are not alone but have the entire scouting family with you.

    Scoutmaster Dennis Taylor,Troop 410, Roanoke , VA Blue Ridge Mountains Council

  6. Thoughts and prayers with the families of the lost scouts and to the other victims families. Such a sad way to leave us.


    Boston District Beaver, Cubs and Scouts

  7. The Leaders and Cub Scouts of Pack 15, Grace Lutheran Church in Streamwood Illinois, extend our deepest sympthies to the families of those lost, and admire the Scouting community coming together to provide messages and solace to the entire community. These Tigers will never be forgotten.

  8. I can not express the sadness I feel for your families. Having lost a son I know there is nothing harder than losing a child. Margaret Troop 39 Fannett Texas

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  10. given the shooter’s link to Autism – and how many young boys Autism impacts now- I am wondering if it would be proactive and possibly even therapeutic to start a fund towards training leaders to reach out and connect to these boys. Think of the impact BSA could have if we took this horrible event and allowed it to ignite within us a passion for those boys who are most likely to fall between society’s cracks, to end up so horribly ill. At the very least, we could start a scholarship fund to send boys in this town to camps. If each of us considering sending a 4-5 dollar sympathy card put the same money towards either a camp scholarship or a leader training program, think of how many boys this could impact.

  11. For Our Scouts who have gone on-

    Now he walks tall, a comfortable stride without an ache;
    His back is straight, a spring in his step.
    His mouth curled into a smile;
    There is a twinkle in his eye and anticipation on his face.

    The deer amble along, nuzzling his side;
    the squirrels on the log and Trees chattering a welcome song.
    Chipmunks bounce ahead;
    The Eagle soars overhead As the owl hoots his praise.

    The trail leads through the woods into a magnificent field;
    Filled with flowers waving in the gentle breeze.
    The puffy white clouds are scattered;
    Across the clear, deep blue sky.
    The crystal clear stream from the waterfall;
    Gurgles alongside the trail;
    While the fish jump with abandon.

    He walks on, he did his best.

    A family toast I made up upon the death of my father.
    We always use this toast at those special family meals.

    To Family,
    Those who are here,
    Those who could not make it,
    And to those who have gone before us-

  12. Please do not forget that there was also 8 Brownies who are also scouters that lost their lives as well. I know the focus on the BSA but they are all part of the Scouting Family.

  13. Our deepest condolences and prayers to the families of Chase, Benjamin, all the families, the Pack and their Community affected by this tragedy. May God’s grace and healing be with you. Rebecca Broderick, Committee Chair, Pack 4554 Silverdale, WA

  14. For the Heros who may not have a direct association with BSA

    Requirements for A Carnegie Medal
    A civilian who voluntarily risks his or her own life, knowingly, to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the life of another person is eligible for recognition by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.

    The act of heroism must have occurred in the United States, Canada, or the waters thereof (12 nautical miles). The act must be brought to the attention of the Commission within two years of the date of its occurrence.

    The act of rescue must be one in which no full measure of responsibility exists between the rescuer and the rescued. Persons not eligible for awards are: Those whose duties in following their regular vocations require them to perform such acts, unless the rescues are clearly beyond the line of duty, and members of the immediate family, except in cases of outstanding heroism where the rescuer loses his or her life or is severely injured. Members of the armed services and children considered by the Commission to be too young to comprehend the risks involved are also ineligible for consideration.

    Factual establishment
    There must be conclusive evidence to support the threat to the victim’s life, the risk undertaken by the rescuer, the rescuer’s degree of responsibility, and the act’s occurrence.

    You may nominate an individual for the Carnegie Medal in one of several ways:

    ■Complete and submit our online nomination form.
    ■Contact the Commission (address below) to request a nomination form.
    ■Nominations may also be made by letter: Please include the name and address of the rescuer, victim, and any known witnesses as well as your name, address, and telephone number.
    Supporting documentation, such as incident reports, newspaper clippings, photos, etc., would be of great assistance.

    Jeffrey A. Dooley, Investigations Manager
    436 7th Avenue, Suite 1101
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1841
    Telephone: 1-412-281-1302
    Toll free: 1-800-447-8900
    Fax: 1-412-281-5751

  15. My heart is heavy for the awful, senseless losses. Many prayers traveling to Newtown from Pack 28 in Dallas, NC. Laura – Tiger Den Leader

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  17. God Bless and our thoughts and prayers are with the families.
    Pack 495
    Delmarva Council
    Kent Island, Maryland

  18. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that had to leave us to soon. God Bless the children, heroes, their families and friends. They will never be forgotten.
    Pack 5004
    Gloversville, New York

  19. God Bless the children, the teachers and all the families. Lord give the families the strength to get through this horrible event.
    Pack 27
    Keyser, WV

  20. I have no words to express how tragic this is. I pray God will hold up these families and carry them through.

    Jones Family
    Pack 62 Columbia CT
    Troop 162 Columbia CT
    Pack 315 Centerville OH
    Troop 116 Centerville OH

  21. It is unimaginable how to deal with a tragedy like this. Our thoughts and prayers are with these families and this town during this heartbreaking time. May God watch over you all and give you strength to carry on.

    Lisa Lowe from Troop 810
    Vass, North Carolina

  22. Our thoughts and prayers are with these families. May God grant them the strength needed to go on and may He pour his blessings over them.

    Aimee de la Osa
    Cubmaster, Pack 207
    Hialeah, Florida

  23. Condolences and prayers to those who have suffered in this tragic event. This too shall pass.
    Valerdi Family, troop 186
    San Diego, California

  24. To soon to be In Heaven. However now they are with Jesus. Wings music and bright lights. The Saviour loves his little children

  25. I was already saddened by this tragedy that hit close to home since I myself am a teacher and mother of two. I thank you for posting this information so that my pack and I can send cards and donations to support the families of these brave boys, girls and teacher. They are all in our thoughts and prayers and we pray God gives them the strength to get through this.

  26. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and all the families affected by this tragedy. May God wrap his caring arms around these families.

    Renee Stanley
    Pack 802
    Prestonsburg Ky.

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