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‘What I Really Do’ for Scouters

UPDATE: Have you seen our version for Cub Scouters? Click here for that one.

In case you missed it on Facebook, here’s our contribution to the “What I Really Do” meme that’s been popular this week.

What do you think, Scouters?

For another Scouting-related example, click here.

4 Comments on ‘What I Really Do’ for Scouters

  1. These photos are precisely what an ideal Scoutmaster does. . .
    Photos #’s 1 2 3 4 are ideal Scoutmasters. . .setting back and watching a boy lead troop function (photo#5), Photo #6, this Scoutmaster will be gone by or before next re-chartering time!

  2. Nice. I made and posted it to my blog (click on my Name)

  3. I remember at camp one year they had the “rocking chair scoutmaster award” for the guy who was best at delegating instead of doing everything himself.

  4. haha… that’s perfect 🙂 There’s an archive of these at some of them are really funny.

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