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Looking for Eagle Scout Court of Honor ideas? Read this

To turn a run-of-the-mill Eagle Scout Court of Honor into something unforgettable, toss out the carbon-copy script your troop has used for years.

Instead, pick up a copy of The Eagle Court of Honor Book  ($14.99 at

Buy the book at

The book, in its third edition, includes complete ceremonies, planning checklists, inspirational pieces, Eagle Scout charges, poems, quotes, and more.

But if you’ve ever been to an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, you know that the ceremony is just part of the experience. You’ve also got to deal with all of the before and after details — the source of headaches for many an Eagle Scout mom or dad.

I’m talking about all the lists of whom to invite, tips for planning the perfect reception, ideas for making your own props, and suggestions for meaningful gifts for the newly minted Eagle.

So get advice on all of that from a trusted source: author Mark Ray, a frequent contributor to Scouting magazine and other official BSA publications. Mark has participated in the program at every level during a career that’s stretched over more than 25 years. You may know Mark’s other popular publication, The Scoutmaster’s Other Handbook.

Exclusive excerpts

Mark Ray is an Eagle Scout and recipient of the Silver Beaver Award.

To give you a better idea of what you’ll find in the third edition of The Eagle Court of Honor Book, Mark agreed to let me run some excerpts from his book that you’ll find only at Bryan on Scouting.

Click below to see some pages from Chapter 2: Planning the Court of Honor. It’s a handy “step-by-step guide to planning the perfect court of honor.”

I’ve also included a few pages from Chapter 3: The Ceremony Itself.

Check it out, and if you’ve already used Mark’s book to plan a court of honor, tell me about it by leaving a comment below.

Image is Norman Rockwell’s “A Great Moment”

2 Comments on Looking for Eagle Scout Court of Honor ideas? Read this

  1. I used this book for my Court of Honor, it is a must have for anyone who wants the big moment to be memorable by all who attend.
    This Eagle Scout gives it a 5 Star Rating.

  2. I did my court of honor right after the troop court of honor. I lite a candle by each ranked scout holding a card of the rank.

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