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      Brian M Coleman

      Since gender identity discrimination is now enshrined in the new YPT training, will volunteers be held liable if they “misgender” or fail to use the correct pronouns? For example, if a biological female identifies as a male and joins a male troop and asks to be referred to by alternative pronouns, but the leader chooses to use their name or male pronouns, would that leader be in violation of YPT guidelines and subject to removal?

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      Duane Jenkins

      Choosing to use the wrong pronouns is not the qualities of a leader or mentor. You should not need to have YPT force you in order for you to not demean and belittle someone who wants to be part of the scouting program.

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      The short answer is “no”. If you can’t get on board with supporting the delusion then you shouldn’t be a leader. If, instead, you decide to not support the delusion then the child is getting mixed messages and you are causing a conflict that is best addressed either at home or through more appropriate channels.

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      If I innocently or mistakenly “misgender” someone and that’s a problem, they are welcome to find someone to take my place.

      If maliciously or cruelly “misgender” someone, then I need to be replaced.

      If BSA is going to require us to participate in this delusion, then we need to do it by the rules they set. If you don’t like the rules, then you can leave. But if you try to comply with the rules in good faith, then you should be allowed slack when you make mistakes.

      And, as I said, if they are not happy with the job I am doing it or the way I am handling it, they are welcome to replace me.

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