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      Jody Cowart

      I have a youth scout that is in both the troop and crew. We DO present rank within the crew and he wears the crew rank with pride. His troop uniform has his Eagle rank and AOL. He is very active as staff in the district, counsel, and out of counsel level. He has asked about the square knots for his crew uniform. My gut is to get them on. What’s your take when only one rank can be worn on the uniform?

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      Congratulations to your son for all of his hard work. The key to good uniforming is a neat appearance, so in his case, the best way to neatly communicate his rank would indeed be to use knots.
      At crew courts of honor he could also wear his Eagle medal and any two other medals he may have earned. Likewise, at troop courts of honor, he could wear his summit medal and eagle medals.

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      Bjorn Wang

      In reality the youth are not supposed to wear the eagle knot on their uniform until they turn 18. However, if your uniform has your appropriate Venturing award level on it, there is no where for the eagle except as a knot. My 15 year old wears his Eagle knot so that he can display his Venturing “rank” on the uniform itself. The medal comes out for special occasions like a CoH. He wears the Eagle patch on his regular BSA uniform. Both look good and do not conflict with each other.

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      The AOL patch can go on the Venturing uniform (for a youth) in the same position that it goes on the Scouts BSA uniform (directly below and centered on the left pocket). Depending on which release of Venturing uniform shirt he has, at one point the pockets were made wide enough to support wearing both the Scouts BSA rank emblem, and the Venturing award emblem side-by-side. I think this may have been the shirts with the weird rectangular pocket flaps and horrible material that sewing machines would chew up. Mike Walton (who would know since he’s part of the group that writes the insignia guide) said the intent was for both to be worn together if the Venturer chose to display both. I’ve only seen it done a couple of times and to be honest on the most recent iteration of Venturing shirts I’m not even sure it would work.

      In the end I agree with the other commenters that while the square knot emblems for Eagle are only meant to be worn by adults, if it works then it works. You may want to prepare your scout for the possibility of being accosted by the “patch police” at some of those district or council events.

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      Matthew Price

      If he is still a youth he can wear his AOL in the same place he currently does. If he is going after Venturing Awards, he can put his Eagle On up until he has a Venturing Award, then he gets the knot. When he is 18+ then he gets the AOL Knot and then he removes the AOL under his pocket.

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