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      We have a troop that has gone from 4-5 scouts to over 20 in a year. The oldest scout is 14. Any suggestions on how to assist the scouts in managing a “boy-led” troop with such a bunch of young scouts?

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      I strongly suggest sending your best leadership prospects to an NYLT course, and investigate the online leadership trainings for the adults, this will help you help them. This should give you a good start.

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      Congratulations, you don’t have a lot of “bad habits” to break and can start with a “clean slate” to get your boys running the troop “right”.

      Remember, “boy led” does not mean “no adults”. You should be using the Patrol Method at all times and allowing your SPL and HIS Patrol Leaders to function in leadership capacity. DO NOT do any parts of their jobs for them just because you’re a “more organized” adult. GUIDE and offer SUGGESTIONS, but don’t take actual decision making out of their hands.

      IT WILL COME. Never underestimate what these young men are capable of. Our Troop was the same way, started with 3 and grew to 25 then 55 in 3 years. The boys rose up to our expectations and did a spectacular job because we made sure they always knew it was THEIR troop.

      Scout “Master” is a term that comes from England where the “school MASTER” was really what we would call “teacher”. Don’t let the term “master” confuse anyone. Your job as SM is to TEACH. Just follow the program and you’ll be fine.

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      One thing that really helps solidify the patrol method is physical distance. Ideally, camp in a field with the SM in the middle and the patrols spread out from his site 300′ in opposite directions. The SPL and ASPL routinely make rounds to make sure each patrol is doing well. Obviously that rule has to be adjusted to your terrain, but the point is that by being spaced apart, boys are more likely to interact with their patrols and not look to adults for every little thing.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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