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    John Parker

    The Webelos and AOL requirements both have requirement #3 to earn Webleos/AOL elective adventures. If a Webelos scout earns 3 elective adventures his first year and then transitions to AOL his 2nd year, the way AOL requirement #3 is written he already has it completed. I don’t want to read anything into the requirements, so is this a miss by the BSA or is my interpretation correct? Or should it say “earn 3 more than you already have”. Even that could become problematic if a Webelos scout was super charged and earned all Webelos/AOL elective adventures his first year.



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    Webelos is a 2 year “start to transition to behaving like Boy Scouts” program so there technically isn’t anything known as “Webelos 1st year” and “Webelos 2nd year” requirements. There are simply requirements for the Webelos Badge, and there are requirements for the Arrow of Light… and the 2 have plenty of overlap. Some websites suggest that the goal is to earn the Web Badge in their 1st year, then focus on AOL in the 2nd year. That’s great if you have all the same boys for 2 years, but we’ve always had new boys join every year, so there has to be some elastic boundaries and artistic freedom to delivering the Program in order to help all the boys advance.

    To your question, Requirement 3 requires 2 electives for the Webelos Badge. You will need to complete ONE MORE (total of 3) for the Arrow of Light. You do not need 2 for the badge and 3 more (total of 5) for AOL.

    To further support this, look at requirement 4, “Protecting your child from abuse”, it is the same requirement for the Badge and AOL… so you would not complete the pamphlet TWICE.. 1 and done.

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