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    I’ve been in scouting for many years now, and I continue to see Scouts wearing the Totin’ Chit patch on their right pocket flap. Please address this one and put it to bed? Where is the ONLY place the Totin Chit patch can be worn on the BSA uniform?

    Tired of arguing with Scouts/Leaders alike.

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    It’s a temporary patch, so the correct placement of the both the Totin’ Chit and the Fire’m Chip patches are on the right pocket (not the right pocket flap).

    This is specifically called out in the BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia, in the Boy Scout Insignia section, at the bottom right of Page 16.

    Totin’ Chip, cloth, No. 8597; Boy Scout; worn as a temporary patch on right pocket; not to be worn on pocket flap.

    Firem’n Chit, cloth, No. 8599; Boy Scout, worn as a temporary patch on right pocket; not to be worn on pocket flap.

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    The BSA should stop making the totin chip patch the shape of a pocket flap. Make it square and put a loop on it and be done with this nonsense.

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    Fred VonFirstenberg

    Right pocket flap. It’s temporary.

    The other scouters you’ve spoken with are correct.

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    Why are people getting so bent it of shape? I’ve seen them on the pocket flap and they look good. At summer camp the shop guys won’t sell pocket knives unless you are wearing it or can show a card. I’m going to show my kids how to see a loop on so it can be worn temporary in case I run into any of these folks who are sweating the small stuff.

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    Hi there, how can you earn the Totin Chip without waiting for Summer Camp?

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    Steve McGuffey

    If the Totin Chit and Fire man Chit is to be worn on the pocket then why would it come shaped as a flap. And what to do if a Scout has both!!?

    BSA, make the Chit patches NOT resemble a flap.

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    Bob Crandall

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