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      Krista Koscinski

      My inquiry is about eligible leadership positions for Venture Crew members who want to complete their Eagle Award. I note there is differences in the positions listed on page 441 of the Scout handbook for an Eagle Scout Requirements if in a Boy Scout Troop compared to a Venture Crew. In the Boy Scout Troop – positions include, Chaplain Aide; Instructor (leader defined leadership role); Bugler; Order of the Arrow Rep; and Librarian – these are not roles that are defined for Venture Crew.
      The material that our District Advancement chair provided, see below, includes Venture Crew eligible positions of Webmaster and Leave No Trace which are not listed in the Boy Scout Handbook, page 441

      Our Scouts are not dual registered with a Venture Crew and a Boy Scout Troop, they are working towards Eagle only with the Venture Crew
      Our goal is to ensure the Scouts continue to reach their goal and we want to be able to offer them as wide an opportunity in leadership as possible

      Question 1 – If the Crew has leadership positions of Chaplain Aide or Bugler etc (same positions as for Boy Scout Troop) would they satisfy the Scout’s Eagle Requirement?

      Question 2 – Can the Crew Advisor define an the instructor leadership position for a Scout in our Venture Crew and have this satisfy the Scouts Eagle Requirement? For example a Crew Chief for an upcoming Philmont Expedition or Seabase Expedition

      Question 3 – Does Webmaster and Leave No Trace Trainer count as leadership positions for a Crew Member working towards his Eagle Award?

      Thank you for you help.

      Krista Koscinski

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      According to the BSA at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/eagle.aspx, the following are acceptable positions:

      “Venturing crew/ship. President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, quartermaster, historian, den chief, guide, boatswain, boatswain’s mate, yeoman, purser, storekeeper, webmaster, or Leave No Trace trainer.”

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        Sorry, I submitted that post prematurely. To answer your questions, it looks like No, No, and Yes.

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      Hopefully next year’s handbook will catch up with the online list!

      Advisor-defined leadership projects are an option for Star or Life requirements … but not Eagle.

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      A crew member can be a Den Chief for a Cub Scout Pack. Everyone forgets that is a leadership position. My Den Chief is a Venturer and not a Boy Scout. She can’t be a Boy Scout! Nor can she go for Eagle either for obvious reasons… But she did earn her Den Chief award and has been a valuable resource to our pack for the last couple of years.

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      Can a life scout transfer to a Venture Crew with no duel registration with a Boy Scout Troop, get their Eagle through the Venture Crew alone?

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      Chuck Mason

      Yes, a Star or Life Scout can earn their Eagle while in a Venture Crew alone. My son did this. The BSA requires a min of Star to do this.
      Our crew is mostly activities, they do not participate in summer camp, so earning merit badges becomes a big challenge.

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