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      Tink Hill

      I have been involved in Venturing since 1998 and I have yet to see a copy of VENTURING magazine. Where is it?

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      We venturing leaders are scouters. So, Scouting magazine is our mag as much as it is for leaders of cubs and scouts.

      Most of the details about venturing are internet based … An especially pleasing one:

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      Craig Murray

      Another helpful website that brings together information related to Venturing is the Venturing Notebook –
      Many of the links are to ones in various locations on but are conveniently located in one web page.

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      In the past, the term “Scout”’ was mostly used in reference to those in the Boy Scout program, and the term “Cub Scout” was used to refer to those in the Cub Scout programs, meanwhile the term “Venturer” was used for those in the Venturing program however now that all programs use the same Oath and Law (the SCOUT Oath and Law), members of all programs are “Scouts”. Each program can still be identified by its unique name, but we are all members not only of the BSA (the Boy SCOUTS of America), but also members of WOSM (World Organization of the SCOUTING Movement). So, it is completely appropriate to refer to “Venturers” as as Scouts and Venturing as Scouting.

      If you are specifically talking about Venturers, it would be appropriate to call them Venturers. But if the programs are mixed (i.e. Cub Scouts and Venturers), you could say “Cub Scouts and Venturers” or simply use “Scouts.” During large Scouting events, it’s simply appropriate to refer to the group as “Scouts” (unless it is more appropriate to celebrate each program individually…but no need to say “Scouts and Venturers” as Venturers are Scouts). At a World Jamboree, where there are Boy Scouts, Pathfinders, Explorers, Scouts, Venturers, Venture Scouts, Rovers, etc., it makes sense to refer to everyone as a Scout, since they are all gathered together in Scouting fellowship and good will. Likewise, as a publication for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts and Explorers, it makes sense just to call it “Scouting Magazine.”

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      Kyp is correct. Venturing (just like Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts) is under the umbrella of “Scouting.” No need for a separately-titled magazine.

      Those in the Venturing program say the Scout Law by saying “A Scout is…” not “A Venturer is…”

      Venturers are Scouts. Venturing is Scouting. It is perfectly appropriate for those in the Venturing program to receive and read Scouting magazine.

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      Matthew Price

      We stopped calling the Youth Venturers and Scouts – now they are named the “Crew” They don’t care for the constantly changing generics thrown about – nor do they like to be equated to the Scout Troop – so they adopted “The Crew”

      It works. So we say “The Pack” and “The Crew” as some are Den Chiefs.

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