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    Charlie Dressen

    Why are people also linking Varsity Scouts with the Boy Scouting Program age for Varsity is 14- 18 just like venture scouts the have 5 fields of emphasis just like the venture program the Varsity Scouts Don’t want to be with the younger kids. Think about before you always think they are the same. (THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!) and have different activities on the next level of scouting skills.

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    Charlie Dressen

    If anything it should Varsity and Ventures and Sea Scouts

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    Venturers (not “venture scouts”) and Sea Scouts may be:

    • girls, and
    • as old as 20.

    As soon as Varsity makes way for those populations, it can fit in the Venturing framework.

    On the other hand, you’re right! It’s a bit of an odd duck, and we should expect some maturity from varsity scouts that we may not observe in boy scouts — especially troops of younger boys.

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    Aren’t Varsity scouts counted in the Venturing division now for membership accounting?

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    Not as of last year …

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