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      Wondering how units handle leader camp fees? Anybody pay for Cub Scout leaders to go to resident camp? Why or why not? Our specific situation will be 3 nights with the majority of scouts attending with parents.

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      Parents paid their own way. Usually the camp had a discount for parents. Unit leaders (cub-master, assistant cub-master) were not required to come.

      We all pitched in (either directly or through the pack treasury) for den chiefs to come to camp.

      Simply put, cub camp was as much an opportunity for parents as it was for our sons. For me, we had just moved the year before son #1 joined scouting, and those campfires gave me quality time to get to know my neighbors and learn all about who was related to whom!

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      Short answer is no. We would split the cost among the adults attending.

      Long answer / clarification follows:

      When I was affiliated with my son’s Pack (2006 – 2011), we would take the boys to resident camp each summer. It was one of the very few exceptions to the adult partner must attend a camp out with the Scout, so generally it was a group of youth along with several adults. Mostly leaders, nearly all parents (as most leaders in a Pack tend to be). The exception would be if we had a Tiger Cub attend, in which case he had to have an adult partner attend with him.

      Our council’s Cub camp (Cub Scout Adventure World aka Cub World as it is more commonly known here) has four different sleeping / program areas. A wilderness fort, a castle, a mountain man village (tents on platforms built into the hillside) and a miner’s camp (set up more like a traditional boy scout campsite with 2-man canvas platform tents and a TLA). The fort and castle are bunkhouses with rooms that had bunk beds and electric. Each area in the order I gave was further away from the main area of camp (dining pavilion, admin building, trading post, parade field & amphitheater). So the Fort program was generally set up for Tigers and Wolves, the Bears were at the Castle, the first year Webelos were at the Mountain Man Village and the second year Webelos (now AOL Scouts) were at the Miner’s Camp. So we would need at least 1 adult per program area for sleeping purposes (2 was preferred but given that we were there with dozens of other units and adults the camp requirement was 1 adult per area except under special circumstances which don’t really apply to this tale).

      The council would give you two leaders for free with an additional free leader for every five boys over ten to allow a 1:5 ratio of adults to youth (eg. additional free leaders at 15, 20, 25, 30, etc…). Any more than that had a cost associated that had to be paid ($50 per adult). We needed a minimum of four adults in order to be spread among the program areas. We would routinely take more than that because den leaders and assistants, the Cubmaster and occasionally some parents would want to attend for the session (3 nights, 4 days).

      The pack would handle this by taking the total cost of the adult registrations, whatever it was, and dividing it by the number of adults attending. Each adult would pay that amount. If we had only four adults and 20 boys, it was free. The year my son was a second year Webelos we had 3 adults with the Wolves, 2 with the Bears, 2 with the first year Webelos and just me with the second year Webelos. There were about 30 boys attending, so the cost of the leader registration was $100 (6 free leaders, 2 @ $50 each). We divvied up that $100 and each leader kicked in $12.50 to cover their share of the leader registrations.

      This is somewhat similar to what happens at our local council’s Boy Scout camp. The first leader is free and every leader after is $100 regardless of how many boys attend. So at the troop where I serve as Scoutmaster we just split the cost among all the leaders attending. Last year there were two of us so we each paid $50. The year before there were three of us so we each paid $67.

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      Our Cub Scout pack did not. Our pack did not have significant participation in resident camp and so the issue never arose. I don’t even recall hearing of cub scout resident camp before reading this thread.

      Our Boy Scout troop does for the week long summer camp. It’s enough to ask people to take a week off work without rubbing in the salt by asking them to pay for summer camp too.

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