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    Tom Azzopardi

    We are considering BSA name tags for our scouts’ uniforms similar to what adult leaders wear. Because we are a large troop (100+) we feel it would help not only the adult leaders in learning the scouts’ names but also help the scouts. My concern is that since the scouts would obviously be in the public with these uniforms and name tags, does that violate any youth protection or other privacy issues? I haven’t been able to find anything about this so looking for some help. Thanks!

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    I like the idea of name tags because I’m terrible with names, but I would ask you to consider whether name tags are BSA approved at all. I do not recall seeing them to be allowed or the ability of troops, districts or councils to modify the American uniform at all. The name uniform is also a description, meaning all the same. If you add or subtract, it is no longer uniform. My opinion is that they are not a good idea for youth. Our job #1 is keeping the scouts safe.

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    I don’t think name tags are approved for youth uniforms, but I can see the benefit in your Troop’s situation. If you do do it, use only first name, similar to BSA youth photo caption policy.

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    James Tarleton

    If you check in the BSA Insignia Guide, it shows that name tags are approved and where to wear them. It shows the full name can be used. Check page 28 of the 2015 guide.

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    Edward Huntington

    Name tags are very much approved for Scouts; scoutstuff.org sells them with all kinds of variations – Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, OA, Venturing, Commissioners, etc. There’s no problem I can see with them as long as they are correctly worn over the right pocket and only with the full uniform.

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    John Hartzell

    I have used a number of BSA name tags in the past. Every one was broke. Would love to see a cloth name tag that could be sewn on one’s uniform. Saw one on a Scouter’s uniform, forgot where he said he got it. It would make things easier with a wash and wear uniform. Used such a system with my uniform in the Coast Guard years ago, and it worked well.

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      I’ve seen it too, and asked!

      The scouts and scouters in the troop collected some old uniforms (matching in color to their current ones) and gave them to a seamstress to cut down and embroider name tags in red thread. Evidently the cost for a troop-full of cloth name tags was on par with the hard plastic ones. I suspect the seamstress had a machine that did programmed lettering. Anyway, it looked sharp, and like you described, once it was sown on it flexed with the shirt, was washable, and lasted as long as any other element of the uniform.

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