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    Any great ideas (besides plastic holders) for easily holding temporary patches in place so that they don’t twist backwards?

    Most of the temporary patches from camps, etc. come wih a loop that can easily hang the patch over the right pocket button. Some of them are sewn well so that the patch naturally tries to rest facing forward, which is great. Others of those patches are actually made in a way so that the patch is either always trying to twist to the left or right, depending on which way you put the loop over the button.

    Either way, the problem is that most of those patches will easily twist around, and then you constantly look down and notice that you are wearing the back of a patch until you twist it to the front again.

    I have seen the plastic holders, which work well for some things, but many temporary patches are of odd shapes and sizes.


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    Adhesive Bar Magnet.

    Put one on the back of the patch and put the metal part in the pocket. Keeps the patch in place.

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    Mike Hartley

    Stitch or stick a small velcro dot on the shirt pocket and stick a dot of velcro on the back of the patch. Problem solved!

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