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    John Cote

    Our committee chair and treasurer are husband and wife. Some of us on the committee and troop adult leaders feel this is a conflict of interest given their positions. Even our Unit Commissioner agrees. However, no one from our council is willing to step in and tell the husband and wife team that someone needs to step down. They’re basically leaving it up to us to rectify this. We like the treasurer (husband) but our committee chair tends to make decisions based on her 3 sons, all of whom aren’t exactly active. I am willing to take over. I am currently the Advancement chair and would continue to serve that role if I became committee chair. Thoughts???

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    Your charter organization representative signs the paperwork on adult leaders in your unit. That’s the person you should talk to.

    Your unit commissioner has no say. Nor does council.

    Obviously, none of us on this side of the internet know if you will make a better committee chair than the current person. So, it really is up to the sponsor of your unit. Hopefully the picked a good charter org. rep. because the buck stops there, and if he/she thinks your being petty, you all are stuck working this out on your own.

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    Well… I’m confused.

    The CC is NOT a position of “authority” over the boys. AT BEST the CC is active in the appointment of the Scoutmaster, but beyond that, the CC has NO PART TO PLAY in the direct interaction with the boys or the execution of “Program”….. so I’m totally confused as to how the CC is making decisions “based on her 3 sons”. WHAT DECISIONS???

    The CC organizes and heads a COMMITTEE. They are not a dictator or Royalty. They “decree” nothing. Anything that should be coming “from the Committee” should be the result of a Committee Vote… so again… not really sure HOW these people are doing anything that is a “conflict of interest”. All troop business (especially financial) should be reported on OPENLY at each monthly Committee meeting. Absolutely NOTHING is done in the shadows.

    Now that we left “Perfect Scout Land”… yes, “bad” adults are all throughout BSA units. Whether they are untrained, fail to understand their roles, or are just “trouble makers”… they exist. They hurt programs, keep good people from getting involved, chase the best people away to other units, and usually “out stay” their usefulness. Sadly, unless there is a SERIOUS accusation of safety or ethics, “downtown” has no authority over them. At best, your DE or UC can advocate on your behalf, perhaps REMIND people of how the unit functions and the AGREEMENT on how BSA works, an agreement they renew annually when they sign the Charter! If you seek their help. let them try to be more of a rudder on a ship then a sledge hammer.

    Your Charter Organization (their name is on the annual Charter) is the “highest authority in the land” for your unit. If there is an issue with adults or Program, it should be discussed with them. THEY hold the (singular) authority to Hire/Fire adults, no one else. IF you can’t make progress, I’m sure there’s a troop a mile away who would love to have you.

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    Jay the Antelope

    Glad to read I’m not the only one dealing with cowboys in the higher levels of units in the BSA program for boys.

    Your COR is the person you must go to. I’m about to do the same thing. I’m getting fired up and tired leaving meetings grumpy. I’m simply at that point. I’m going to print and highlight the sections of the Guide to Safe Scouting, the training manual from SM/ASM Essentials and the job descriptions of the CC, SM, ASM, and committee members when I meet with him. We’re at a nearly 60 year old troop. My son is 12 and just made First Class. He and some of his buddies in the troop are starting to wonder why things are not structured the way they’re taught they are supposed to be.
    The adults can’t help themselves is what I’m telling them.
    Our CC’s sons have been out of the troop since the early 80s. It’s amazing…

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    John Gaunt

    Here’s a question that I have never had answered: besides COR action, can the Troop Committee vote the CC out, and vote in a new CC? If so, that is a possible solution; ask your local council. Another solution is to find a new Troop – or, if you have enough support, find a sponsor and start a new Troop – your local council will be more than happy to assist with that action, as it improves their numbers.

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      Only if the COR approves.
      In most normal situations, the COR will honor the decision of the committee. But there’s nothing that requires the COR to do so. The buck stops there.

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