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      Heather Babish

      My Webelos den will be attending a district Bear/Webelos camping event soon. A comment was made by camp leadership to follow guide to safe scouting regarding adult and youth tenting areas being seperate. I see nothing in there regarding this. Perhaps this is something that is taught in SM or ASM training? Does is translate down to a Bear/Webelos campout? I’m not against it, I’m just looking for something factual.

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      They’re refering to the Guide to Safe Scouting, Youth Protection and Adult Leadership section, under the Barriers to Abuse portion for Accommodations.

      Separate tenting arrangements must be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth.

    • Youth sharing tents must be no more than two years apart in age.
    • In Cub Scouting, parents and guardians may share a tent with their family.
    • In all other programs, youth and adults tent separately. (Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs)
    • Spouses may share tents.
    • Note the bullet point for Cub Scouting. Families may share one tent. Also note the wording that it is separate tenting arrangements, not areas.

      If the intent of the camp leadership is for all the youth to tent together, then they’d need to make sure they have tents available for male youth, and for female youth. And since Bears can be as young as 8 and Webelos/AOL scouts can be as old as 11, they’ll have to assign tents with the 2-year rule in mind. They would also need separate tents available for both male and female adults (no age rules to worry about there thankfully).

      The next question is are the families (Bear/Webelos and their responsible adult) expected to bring their own tents?

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    Carol Claramunt

    I’m trying to figure out how to manage tenting and “patrols” at Council-wide Webelos Woods (I’m the chairperson). I have 1 mother attending with twin AOL’s- 1 male, 1 female. I’m forming “teams” made up of either male or female Webelos or AOL’s with their adult partner. 6-8 “teams” will form a Patrol and we will be teaching how to use Patrol method at the campout while working on Cast Away Adventure. How can I arrange campsites by patrols to accommodate them? I suggested she tent with her female scout and her patrol and allow the male scout to tent alone or with another scout his age in his patrol with 2 deep male leadership guiding the male patrol. I don’t know if other males from her unit will be attending or not. Are the 3 of them allowed to tent together since they are all related? Can the 3 of them be in 1 Patrol, or do I have to keep those separate too?

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