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    Under the troop expenses in the committee handbook one of the expenses listed for a troop is the Boy’s Life subscription. We’re rewriting our troop guidelines for the first time in years. And wow, this one point opening an explosive debate with our subcommittee on what that means. I took it to mean that the Troop should pay for subscriptions for all the boys. Another leader said basically “no way,” another said we should get one subscription for the whole troop so it becomes a reference. Another said the classic, “we’ve never done that before.” My thought was just getting the subscription made sense as Scouts will, eventually, pick it up and start reading and learn. What are other troops take on this?

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    “rewriting our troop guidelines”???

    Ed, run for your life! THIS is the first sign of a unit in trouble. No unit EVER needs to “rewrite” anything or create its own “bylaws”. Everything about how your (or ANY) Scouting unit is supposed to operate is already spelled out in great detail by National BSA and is readily available in a multitude of official BSA publications (including TRAINING material… hint-hint!).

    Any time a group of people who are NOT child psychologists, sociologists, behavioral specialists, child development specialists, and lack 109 years of experience designing programs for youth think they can “do it better” by creating their own rules, I become VERY afraid. When a unit does this kind of stuff, it BEGS the question, “WHAT ELSE do they not understand, that they think they should do it THEIR own way?” (OK.. getting off my soap box. Hopefully it’s “message received” on this topic)

    Back to your specific question – – – Boys Life is EXPECTED to be subscribed to on a PER-SCOUT basis. The option for an individual Boy’s Life subscription is right there on the Youth application! National also suggests (strongly) annual subscription renewal be part of the Unit budget every year, and to take it even 1 step farther, troops are encouraged to be “100% Boys Life Unit” recognition. So, just about everybody (but you) on your Committee got this one wrong.


    You can find the above link and more on this topic here too…

    Boys’ Life Promo

    Your committee may be well served with some training. My last tidbit of advice is that anytime someone has a question or insists (usually with great “authority” in their voice) that XYZ is the “official policy of Scouting”, simply ask them to show it to you in an official BSA publication. If they can’t… well, I guess we know who’s just making stuff up as they go along.

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