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      We are holding our election for SPL and none of the eligible Scouts are interested for various (not great) reasons. Looking for thoughts/suggestions please.

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      I’ve run into this in the past. Usually we (adults) talk to the eligble youth and discuss what their reservations are to see if these are challenges that can be overcome with support. Most times someone will eventually stand up.

      How many patrols do you have in the troop?

      Also what are the requirements that your troop has to be considered eligble?

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      It comes down to being able to foster a sense of “ownership” and “excitement for ownership” of the boys in THEIR troop. The whole situation is a learning experience.

      Human behavior fact #1 – It’s easier to follow than lead.
      Human behavior fact #2 – A Leader depends on willing & obedient Followers.
      Human behavior fact #3 – If seen as a “chore”, few will want to do it.
      Human behavior fact #4 – Public praise motivates people to work harder.
      Human behavior fact #5 – “Success” breeds participation.

      First you need to foster “buy in” from the boys that this is THEIR troop. ONLY through the PLC should the monthly/annual agenda include the things THEY want to do. A Scoutmaster should NEVER assume the role of the “SPL”. DO NOT make up an agenda, if that means they show up and look at each other for an hour… let them look at each other until they ask WHY aren’t they doing anything.

      Explain the Program. Get them excited about what they can gain by running their own Troop. Praise the SPL and PLs for what they do each week. As the Program gets better, trip destinations get better, advancement happens more each week… people will WANT to be a part of a successful Program. It’s no different than sports. A team that stinks has no fans, a team that wins fills the seats.

      I’m not sure what’s missing in your troop, but it seems that a lack of interest in being SPL would indicate other things are lacking.
      Are you following the Patrol Method?
      Does the PLC plan the agenda?
      Does the agenda reflect THEIR ideas for “fun & adventure”?
      What do they SAY as to why they’re not enthused?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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