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      My son has earned his Eagle Scout Rank at 15. He is now 17, still actively involved with his Troop, and 4 months from his 18th birthday. His current position with the Troop is Junior Asst. SM. He would like to continue with the Troop as an ASM and complete the required training. In our local council they offer training and invite those Scouts who are Junior Asst. SM to take the training.(SM soecific and IOLS). However, when we go onto the dashboard at my.scouting.org. to register, no training in available. It only show his expired YPT which he will be retaking. I’m guessing because he is still a registered scout and not an adult that the available training is not showing. He would like to get this training out of the way before he begins college, then he might not have the time. Can he still take the training through his council before he is 18? If he is able to take this training, will it go with him after he turns 18 or will it be considered scout training? I understand that When he turns 18 he can fill out an adult application.

      My question is, Does he have to wait until he is 18 to take the required training for SM ?

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      Talk to your council/district executive or commissioner. See if they can register him via back-channels. If he’ll still be a youth at the time of the course, see if he can bring a buddy or if some other older scouts will already be there to help with the course. I suspect there are a few scouters who will work that 3rd point of the Law to make it work … especially if they get trained ASM in return!

      P.S. – IOLS is probably going to be redundant for a young Eagle scout. It certainly was for me at 30-something! But by participating he could help other scouters get up to speed.

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      Not necessarily. Not knowing how your council handles classroom training, perhaps giving them a call to get him signed up for IOLS. The council I’m registered in doesn’t use the dashboard to sign up for any classes specifically.

      The SM specific is now available online. He would need to access it by going to his my.scouting Dashboard, then on the My Training page clock on the “Training Center” tab at the top. From there click on “Boy Scouting and Varsity” which will open up the ScoutingU page at the Boy Scouting section. There should open to the ability to select a training program with three options – Merit Badge Counselor, Scoutmaster, or Troop Committee. If he clicks on “+Add Plan” for one of those then it will add the required courses for that training to his learning plan. From that point you can click on the “MY LEARNING” tab at the top of the page and it should bring him to his learning plans that shoudl include all the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster specific courses.

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      IOLS training is not online. It is in-person, a one- or two-night campout hosted by your district. It should cost about $25-$40. Check your district calendar for more information. You may attend IOLS training in another district if your district’s training is not convenient.

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      Here’s my question, why are we making a young eagle scout take IOLS at all, as someone else said, it’s redundant.

      Anyone know when IOLS was created as a formalized class?
      thanks, YIS

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        Why? Mistrust. Let’s not delve any further than that.
        By rights, young ASMs (even if they aged out at Star or Life rank) should be teaching most of the course.
        Or, more simply, SMs and ASMs should be required to earn 1st Class Rank from their troop SPL or JASM.

        It’s been around at least since the 90s. Although at the time they called it Scoutmaster Advanced, or something of the sort.

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      Papy–Eagle or not, IOLS is required adult leader training and it is not redundant. You may not agree with this, but thems the rules, sir.
      The Eagle will soon be an adult. How about you let him train with the other adults and not make it as if adult training is of no value. Most that take the course would tell you differently.

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