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    David Preston

    I have several boys in my Troop asking about Skateboarding MB. Is there any leeway to tailor requirements in the Skating MB for Skateboards? So many young boys skateboard, this should be an option. Some options are below. Any advice? Thanks.

    Do the following:
    1. Describe general skateboarding safety rules and etiquette.
    2. Describe the parts and functions of a skateboard.
    3. Describe the required and recommended safety equipment.
    4. Describe four essential steps to good skateboard care.
    5. Do the following:
    a. Skate forward with smooth strokes for at least 100 feet.
    b. Skate forward and glide at least 15 feet.
    c. Stop on command on flat pavement.
    6. Do the following:
    Perform some skateboarding tricks (I don’t know, ask a skateboarder for some material).
    7. Do the following:
    a. Perform a series of at least four downhill slaloms on pavement with a gentle slope.
    b. Describe how to pass a pedestrian or another skater from behind.
    c. Describe at least three ways to avoid an unforeseen obstacle while skating.
    d. Describe two ways to get on, and off a curb, and demonstrate at least one of these methods.

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    No can do! Merit Badge requirements are to be met/completed EXACTLY AS WRITTEN.

    This is what you agreed to when you signed your Merit Badge Councilor application. Check out #1 and #3 below:

    1. Follow the requirements in the most current merit badge pamphlet, ensuring that the advancement standards are FAIR and UNIFORM for all Scouts.

    2. Make sure the Scout has a merit badge application card SIGNED by his UNIT LEADER
    before he begins the badge.

    3. Without changing the requirements, make the Scout aware of the DEEPER aspects of the subject from my knowledge and experience.

    (remaining requirements not listed for brevity)

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    No, your boys can’t earn skating by skateboarding any more than a boy could earn water skiing by ski boarding!
    They might however consider asking National to create a new MB. They may never get the patch, but they may have the gratification of paving they way for future scouts.

    Learn more here:

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