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    John Dillon

    Just wondering if there has been discussion on Adult Hiking Award/Knot.
    We have one adult who has hiked for years, wore out boots after boots. There is the 50 miler, right. But this Adult is over a 1000 miles. Is there something out there for such dedication to scouts? A 500 mile Hiking Knot?

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    Don’t think there’s another BSA award, there’s this:

    Chances are your guy is somewhere in-between. I’d suggest, with the assistance of this fella’s family, having your scouts “acquire” one of those beat-up old boots, cutting out a salvageable piece of leather, and fashioning a patch suitable for wear as a bolo tie, temporary insignia, or belt buckle. (Decide which is best based on how this fellow uniforms.)

    Personally, I would cherish something like that over any number of standard-issue knots and devices.

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