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    I understand that the SPL serves at the discretion of the SM, and that the SPL is elected by the troop (typically for a 6 to 12 month term).

    Under what circumstances is the SM valid in removing a scout from his SPL position?

    Is missing events/meetings a valid reason? If so, what percentage of missed meetings/events is typically acceptable (50%, 25%, 10% missed)?

    Does the SM assign the new SPL, or should a troop vote be held?

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    In our troop, it would take a lot (e.g., criminal behavior) for an SM to intervene. All boys come in with rough edges and many often don’t realize what they’re signing up for. If the SPL is communicating with the ASPL and scouts are adjusting to his absence, we let the thing play out. Sometimes, an absent SPL leads to stronger PLs or TGs. So, we keep adult intervention at a minimum, but if a scout is going to be too busy to fulfill his duties for several weeks in a row, we ask him to consider handing over his position. So, for us it’s not a matter of percentages.

    However, if the PLC is basically fed up, they are welcome call for new elections at any time.

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    Before you go and remove the SPL, consider mentoring and training.
    An SPL is a big position.

    But if you are seeing that PLC meeting are not happening (or accomplish nothing) and there is not plan or consistency to meetings and outings, then it’s time to look to the ASPL to potentially step up.

    Doing this indiscriminately is not a good idea, as the boys voted on the SPL, and you removing him may undermine the boys in troop.

    If it were me, I would sit down and come up with 3 points that need to be repaired, and put a timeline and a success criteria on it. Speak to the SPL about the 3 points and give him a chance to redeem himself before taking action.

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    Remember that a scout doesn’t “fail” alone. A SPL who doesn’t seem to be “doing the job” should ALSO be getting frequent input from the SM and possibly telephone/text/email/facebook “reminders” to either do something or asking questions like, “Hey Mr. SPL, do you have your instructors lined up for this week’s meeting?”… “Hey Mr. SPL, are written plans for the upcoming troop meetings posted to our Facebook page so the rest of the guys can see what’s planned?”

    So many times people think “boy led” means no adults, when what it really means is “boy led, adult (SM) guided”. There must be guidance and FEEDBACK so the SPL knows whether or not he is doing his job correctly or not.

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