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    Briggs Lang

    Our unit was somewhat surprised at the amount of the annual registration increase, from $24 to $33. I believe I am correct in that number. That is a 38% increase. Nothing is increasing 38% in the private sector.

    Also the timing of this is suspect at best. Many units are already working on annual recharter, so National just decided, what the heck, lets generate more revenue and tack on some more expenses to the units. Neat trick that we recharter in November, the increase is in effect December, but recharter is not effective until January.

    We did reach out to the local Service Center on the timing and the feedback was basically it is what it is, deal with it. Maybe sell more popcorn…

    Specifically what is driving this significant increase? The announcement was slim on details. If we as units, participants, and stakeholders are being asked to fund a sizable increase and revenue need for National, what is driving this? How is BSA actually using the funds that come from registration, FOS, activity fees, endowments, gifts, and United Way. Are they being good stewards?

    Is National pouring too much money into Bechtel with no return in sight (and they are). Are they trying to rebuild the BSA National endowment which was $350MM 10 years ago and is now about 1/2 of that. Maybe trying to build up fund looking ahead to LDS departures

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    John Merrell

    I don’t think the increase is entirely mismanagement of funds. I think this plan to to replace the revenue that is leaving scouting.

    Because of current BSA policies, everyone seems to be torqued off with the Movement. The LDS church has stated that they will start implementing their own 13 to 18 year old program. LDS boys can join troops from 11 to 13. At 13 LDS boys must go into the LDS program. This is significant, but Scouting is trying present a good face.

    Because of policies, many groups are leaving the Scouting program. Groups like the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Association have publicly stated their displeasure.

    You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to see that there are many many people who are not happy with the decisions that are being made. I think that Scouting is one of the best programs out there. I am afraid that there are other people who do not see it this way.

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    John Gaunt

    This is not the first time that national has imposed a relatively large increase, and not the first time that they have waited until very close to recharter time to do it. Coincidence? I think not.

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