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      Concerned Scouter

      May a Scoutmaster delegate rank sign offs to a non registered adult? I have looked in the Guide to Advancement, and the statement merely says that the Scoutmaster may delegate at his discretion.

      This comes up because a Scout in my Troop recently asked his swim teacher to administer the tests and sign off his Second Class requirement. Teacher was not authorized and we’ve worked that issue out. But the question arose as to whether the swim teacher could have been authorized.

      Is there anywhere BSA explicitly addresses this? Or any restrictions to the Scoutmasters’ ability to delegate sign offs?

      Thanks for any information.

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      Ideally, the SM delegates sign-offs to responsible 1st Class Scouts and Patrol Leaders.

      IMHO, If a teacher signs in a scout’s book, that’s not a problem. The SM just ads his initials by way of confirmation.

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      Jay the Antelope

      Hi Concerned Scouter!
      You should be a bit concerned. But, there’s also the matter of common sense in process. What I mean is, as with all things in the program there is still a place for Scoutmaster discretion. This is one of the only places it still exists in BSA Scouting at all, as a matter of fact.

      At RT recently, we were discussing this during our open discussion time. I was surprised to learn that our unit is the only unit that has the boys sign books at all. (that was me gasping that you heard right there)

      I co-sign for first aid requirements for Scouts under first class. I do this at our SM’s request. We have a deal that our SPL is aware of stating that at a point this signature to co-sign will no longer be done; and, that will be when the SPL feels the unit’s Scouts no longer need this skill set to be co-signed.

      I’ve been co-signing for four years at this point. I honestly feel like we’re close to the goal–boy lead/boy’s responsible for properly evaluating skills before signing that they’ve been earned.

      Back to your point though, the SM can deny a signature for a skill that was signed off. But, what they should consider is having that swim instructor become a trained MBC for your council. It’s an application, consent for a background check, YPT, MBC training. Then, you’re issue would become a resource in your community, and an improved area of training for your unit. You must stay focused on the overall goals of the program and stay true to your process. Otherwise, you’ll have parents rolling in with their contacts list signatures on everything and their Scouts will be Star before they can perform any skills whatsoever.
      Once THAT happens, just hand them their project packet and get prepared for their BOR.

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